Regular pet grooming is essential to your pet’s health. Well-groomed pets live healthier lives when they have a healthy coat and skin. In addition to keeping your pet smelling and looking attractive, grooming will help to prevent conditions such as parasites and skin irritations.

Grooming should be scheduled on a regular and consistent basis depending upon the age, health, and fur length of your pet. As an example, it is recommended that long haired dogs be groomed every 6-8 weeks to avoid matting. Regular grooming removes any loose hairs and dead skin cells, rids the coat of debris and external parasites, and spreads skin oils that form along the hair shafts.

We look forward to treating your fluffy friend to the very best grooming services!

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Our grooming is available at an hourly rate: 1 hour is $45.00, 1 hour 15 mins is $55.00, and so on. So, depending on the type of pet, the cut, or if they have any matting, the groomer will price accordingly.

Please see the pricing lists below for pricing estimates.


Service Small Medium Large X-Large
Short-Haired – Bath Only $25-$35 $35-$45 $45-$55 $55-$65
Medium-Haired – Bath & Tidy (face, feet, tails) $35-$45 $45-$55 $55-$65 $65-$75
Long-Haired – Bath & Tidy (face, feet, tails) $50+ $65+ $85+ 100+
Hair Cut (anything off of the body) $50+ $65+ $85+ 100+


Service Short-Haired Long-Haired Haircut
Bath $45 $65 $75+