Let’s be honest; sometimes life takes you places where your furry friends just can’t go. At Powerhouse K9s we strive to be your dog’s home away from home!

We do an hourly rate based on size of the kennel you select. No matter the shape or the size, we’ll be sure to have your dog situated where it’s comfortable, and where you’re satisfied! All of our dogs are given bathroom breaks to get out of the kennel 4-6 times a day. We also have numerous special activities available, including everything from an extended walk, to our very own K9 gym.


Please call (775) 738-2108 for current pricing on boarding.


Powerhouse K9 also offers special activities to keep your dog happy and active while they board with us.


Powerhouse K9’s special activities have three different time and price options, listed below.

Every one of these options are totally customizable. You can have an activity done every other day, or you can have three different activities done twice a day. It’s totally up to you and what you think your dog would enjoy the most.

With all of our special activities, the assigned trainer will write a report card for you, so you can see how well your furry friend did.

Time Rate
Five (5) Minutes $2.50
Ten (10) Minutes $5.00
Fifteen (15) Minutes $7.50